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The Office of the Military Advocate is the state agency that is charged by law with promoting and enhancing military installations and defense agencies in the state, supporting defense-related businesses and increasing the amount of defense related research and development performed in Missouri. The Advocate serves as the liaison between state and federal branches of government on military and defense issues, and promotes better communication and coordination between state government leaders and Missouri's installations and defense agencies, especially related to a potential BRAC round, or other realignments and reductions.
The Military Advocate works as the Executive Director for the Missouri Military Preparedness and Enhancement Commission (MMPEC), a citizen-led commission charged with advising state leaders regarding the preservation and expansion of Missouri's military installations and their missions.
MMPEC was created by law in 2005 and is charged with providing information and guidance to the state government in the following areas:
The Military Advocate position is nominated by the Governor for a term of six years, subject to confirmation by the Missouri Senate.
Contact Informaton:

Joe Driskill
Missouri Military Advocate
Missouri Department of Economic Development
P.O. Box 1157
Jefferson City, MO 65109
Office: 573-526-0816
Cell: 573-680-0949